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Sales & Customer Service

In this competitive world, satisfying customers is not sufficient to earn their reliability. They must experience and sense the extraordinary customer service for granting repeat business and giving a recommendation. Therefore, all training for the customer service organization must be well thought of and aimed with the laser focus on what difficulties or challenges you are trying to crack. Whether you are in a dedicated sales role or simply a customer-facing role in any capacity,


Sagita Learning ensures different methods in the customized training solution for your personal development and checks your customers are not just satisfied, but delighted. In addition, Sagita learning understands the different aspects or actions that drive this customer revolution. Our customized
solutions help you:


 Improving soft skills
 On Product & technical skills
 Provide a stable customer experience
 Progress customer first culture
 Manage customer expectation
 Handle client complaints and grievances

Sagita Learning defines an approach with different exploratory sessions, examine by surveys, provide
feedback, analysis on existing training to get a feel what is working and what can improve. Sagita Learning identify roadmap and include pre define metrics, success criterion, and customized content
by using different interactive learning assets.

Compliance Training

Compliance is a serious component for every organization. Besides, with regulation and compliance becoming more and more complex, effective compliance training is becoming more crucial than ever to help diminish risks and safeguard there are no violations or punishments. Accordingly, compliance should consider more than just checking a box to meet the minimum requirements. It is more than policies and prepares your employees with the exact skills and exercise to handle the complexities of laws and regulation. It helps your learners to do their jobs more securely and proficiently.

Sagita Learning thing beyond training and create a good design communication campaign to create awareness and target the behavior an organization wants to change. We make it real and align compliance training to real-world scenarios. It helps your learners to relate to their daily jobs and activities.

We switch different training modes as we understand that one mode of training will not help. Compliance & regulations are so dynamic in nature and changes often. Therefore, we are so flexible in using different digital assets and gives our client a competitive edge. We plan continuous learning. We include gamification, microlearning, scenario-based learning, video-based learning and problem based learning to solve your business training challenges.

Product Knowledge Training

In the present time, organizations are so serious and consider sales employees quite seriously as they are the organization backbone and reason of bringing revenues. Therefore, organizations constantly work on them to boost their confidence and improve time to proficiency and competencies. To encourage these qualities, they provide product-training programs at regular intervals.


Our learning experts ensure to style your product training enjoyable as well as attention-grabbing, we use various methods of interactive components such as scenarios, gamification or game-based learning for your eLearning & group discussions, role plays, team-based activities for your ILT sessions to determine how it helps them on the field. We use byte size training to make it more effective and deliver it in small doses or provide it as Just in time for your learners.

Our learning solutions on product knowledge training include an immersive, fail-safe environment, which allows learners to try to negotiate a product sale with an end customer. Our solutions help your learners to apply knowledge the right way for better results.


We implement different ways for learning reinforcement so that learner can recall information and gain confidence. We build micro learning product training module which serves as a refresher for this nomadic salesforce.

Safety Training

Sagita Learning solutions consistently helping its clients to create a Safety Culture in the organization. We understand that as the workforce continues to grow it gets diversify and Employers are constantly encountering challenges while delivering the safety training to their employee.

Our learning solutions build learning nuggets and provide access to safety information now when they required. We offer performance support through mobile learning, build different learning assets & artifacts like Info-graphics, Short videos, create scenarios with different business cases related to like chemical management, Ergonomics, Ladder safety, Lockout & Tag Out, Trenching & Excavation, Collision Avoidance, Asbestos Hazard Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, Driver Safety and more.

Sagita Learning also supports you in translating content into local languages of your learners for better interpretation of the content. We build scenarios or simulations to make training more engaging and enhance knowledge retention.
Connect with us to know more about our customized solution to solve your Safety training challenges.

Onboarding Training

The drive for onboarding program in an organization is to improve within newly hired or transferred employees the necessary skills, time to proficient, knowledge and behaviors to become more productive to an organization. It ultimately makes the organization more agile, flexible & stable.


Sagita Learning focuses on building highly interactive training modules so that learner visually represents both their sphere of influence & long-term business goals.


Sagita Learning reviews the content and identifies whether it should deliver in ILT, WBT or Blended Learning that includes both instructor-led and web-based training, containing short micromodules, video stories, scenarios, role play, and reflection exercises, as well as post-training follow up activities.


Sagita Learning develops custom courses that address the business challenges and needs of new hire according to job roles and departments. We ensure to roll out uniform training & operational efficiency.

Application & System Training

Application or System training is often most time- consuming to develop inside an organization. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the effort, time, energy as well as money
invested in Application or System training"s can improve skills and competencies of employees along with efficiency for companies.

By using e-Learning, Application and System training can be made significant by aligning it to the learner's preferences. We at Sagita Learning make Application & System training very engaging by using the experience of our Learning experts on the content and not just concentrate on technical details.

We create practice bases exercises, creates real scenarios or case studies to make the content more realistic, engaging and effective. We create some real cases and scenarios to test learner’s knowledge, which they learn and can actually apply it to their work.

Sagita learning creates role-based training modules based on show me how, let me try or Watch-Try-Do kind of simulations to help learners to perform their job tasks well.