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Let us help you in assessing your Training effectiveness evaluation.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Finally, we are ready to equip our clients to automate their training need analysis, training evaluation, performance evaluation, skill gap analysis, competency analysis, assessment for promotion and development and more.

Our online assessment tool can support you in all the above scenarios. It helps you in assessing, measuring, and reporting the academic readiness, learning development, skill acquisition, or educational needs of the assessment takers. Traditionally assessments were usually given in paper printouts and had to be handed out manually. Nowadays, you can create assessments online, share the link with your users, and immediately see their results.

It helps you in conducting the assessment in less time. It allows multiple learners to participate and complete the online assessment at the same time. They can give the assessments anytime, anywhere (during class, or at home) using their own devices. It generates multiple reports to see learners or test takers results and answers and give them instant feedback.

Our tool can help you in surveying or test among the learners to identify the gaps for training need identification. It also helps in pre and post-training evaluation. It helps in evaluating employee performance and assist you in decision making for promotion and succession planning. It allows evaluators to create custom assessments and deploy them online anytime, anywhere. It enables the users/evaluators to design their own question bank, create assessments and deploy/assign them to the candidates. Our assessment platform supports various kinds of reports that can be used to analyze the performance of a learner/employee and helps in achieving organizational goals. The core usage of the platform is to conduct assessments which when used correctly enhances the chances of success of an organization.

Please contact at info@sagitalearning.com to set up a quick call to take it forward and discuss in detail.


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