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Hi Leaders,

World is based on diversity, I hope you will agree to this. When a vision of a company cant be similar, To achieve it the mission will also be different in nature, Then why do you want to train your employees with the same training environment and resources which your competitor is using to achieve its vision.

So how did you plan to provide those training environment to your employees based on your own organization culture, ethics, policies?

My another question is that are you not bored with your trainings? Don't you get feedback from your audience that the training is so vast and boring? So once again I want to ask have you planned to make it interactive, engaging and monitoring their performance?

If you are still in hibernate mode, Let us connect and share our experiences through industry leaders that how we can resolve this issue.

Do you want a change from :

• Lack of interactivity in your Training Materials.

• Challenges in converting your Legacy content to modernize with the current trends like converting Flash to HTML, ILT’s to E-Learning or Competency based solutions.

• Challenges in delivering the training to a Large audience because of Low Bandwidth issue.

• Challenges in development of Mobile Based Learning/ Video Based Learning Solutions which can help in Just in Time situation instead of Just in Case.

• Challenges in getting real time competency feedback and Inclusion of the technology advancement like Interactive Simulations, Scenarios, Gamification or 2D & 3D Animations.

• Challenges in developing CBT, ILT or WBT Training specifically for your organization, your products, your employees.

• Challenges in Content Localization, Translation with professional Voice overs.

If you feel Yes for any above challenges then connect with us at info@sagitalearning.com

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