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How to engage your learner audience?

To engage the learners and pull them to their training is always a challenge for every Learning & Development team. They are continuous working and trying their best to engage their learners by implementing different instructional design approach, learning solutions, learning technologies and ideas from industry. Gamification is a trending topic that’s been around long enough now to have out-lived the hype, it continues to register with audiences as an engaging and effective component of work place training.

Many of our clients have experienced boost in their “fun” quotient by using Gamification in their corporate training. They realized that it is often lacking in those pages’ turner, high end graphics and other ways. They also felt that it adds a next level of competition, team building and collaborative effort which was missing in their standard eLearning process.

Now it’s very important to know where to use these Gamification, as we realise that Compliance training is one very major industry where we don’t get much chance to play with the content and we also found that in current scenario:

· It can be overcast, monotonous and missing interactivity.

· Due to the stretch of information it can cover, it is often delivered in a long-lasting and sometimes incremental program

· It allows a range of occasions to contrivance real-life situations or scenarios that offers selections and invigorating to learners through a practical application of the training content.

All the above give you an opportunity to use Gamified learning to address all these points and enhance the course’s interactivity level. It demands that learners explore, reveal, gather, compare, associate, tally and absorb course content in stimulating and interesting ways.

Furthermore, learning courses with prolonged seat times or planned as part of a segmented distribution benefit from the continuity and growing aspect of gamification. Whatever device it might be – assembling the top score, climbing the mountain, revolving the gameboard – learners want that sense of achievement and triumph that gamified learning elements provide.

Scenario-based learning and gamification are often paired together. Well-written, real world, practical scenarios demand learners make choices (and see the consequences of those choices) in real-life surroundings. Including gamification can enhance these interactions by bringing life to the stories and conversations that drive the learning. And by creatively gamifying situations that replicate work environment experiences, learner participation, content retention, and the overall resonance of the training increases.

We have been doing this since more than decades, as a leader in creating meaningful, effective training that customizes solutions to fit the needs of your business. Come check out how we can use gamification to take your training to new levels of engagement

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