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Have you ever tried Flipped Classroom?

Everyone is talking about the flipped classroom approach or change the blend in Blended learning.

So we try to know what could be those benefits If we include this approach in our training model. By implementing it how we can save our cost in training and reduce our training time or even reduce the time to proficiency.

Flipped classroom means Flipping the classroom. It allows the learner to obtain knowledge before attending the class as a precursor for the actual training. We provide precursor content as online learning, video-based learning, mobisodes, lecture shoot, simulations and more.

Now, learners utilize the classroom time to incorporate that knowledge in quizzes, group discussions, role-plays or debates and more to give a deep understanding of the concepts.

Through this approach, we actually help learners to understand the concept first and help them to remember it so that they have plenty of knowledge to do a group discussion in the class and they can apply the pre-class understanding and implement it to the various activities inside the class. In the Flipped classroom model, we actually shift instructions to a learner-centred model. It encourages more collaborative discussions and deep analysis.

Flipped classroom approach makes learners more responsible. It enhance their interaction with Trainer or Performance coaches, peers in the classroom and receives immediate feedback from the Instructor to clear their doubts.

Learner dominates the classroom discussion as they start applying that knowledge or concepts to solve the problem under the guidance of an instructor. So it actually improves the time to proficiency on those concepts/ processes.

It creates a learning community because of high interaction in the group and encourages the class to build knowledge together inside and outside the classroom.

As our submission, we conclude that flipped classroom could be very effective, gives a hands-on approach to improve learners achievement and involving them in their own education.

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