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Is your training sinking like a titanic Ship?

Through our industry experience we (Sagita Learning) realized that every organization has already invested lot of money and time in their training materials and even questioned to them about:

Have they ever tried to increase the shelf life of their existing legacy content?

Do they have got the ROI on their training materials?

Is their training is still matching to the millennial expectations?

Are these training engaging the learners and compatible to the latest trends and technologies?

These are the few questions which always come in our mind before starting any project with our clients. We work with them as a family to understand how to save their hard earned money with minimal investments.

Sagita Learning always strategizes to leverage the existing training content of the prospects and make it instructional sound with advanced graphics and media, including 2D, 3D animation to rejuvenate their content. It helps them to use their content for few more years and increase their shelf life.

ROI: Learning and Training are always an important element for organization business growth. It is always difficult for most of the organizations to justify their cost on training as they find difficulty to quantify ROI. But we at Sagita Learning can always help you to find ROI and effectiveness of training by engaging in a consulting relationship. Here we have different Learning Frameworks and models which help our clients to identify skill gap analysis, audience analysis, task analysis and more. So that we can give the right medicine to cure the disease instead of experimenting it every year and investing heavily in your training.

There are “N” number of employees in organizations, How do organizations evaluate the key pain areas of an individual at different levels. Challenges can differ at each level, Top management can have “X” challenges then Middle Management can have “Y” or even they may have missed out the Lower management.

We use our experience and defined strategy & process to survey the workforce and then recommend our approach to implementing the right solution for your learners. We leverage your existing training content and make it more instructional sound with those Learning assets and artifacts such as Simulations based learning, Scenarios based learning, Gamified approach to making it interactive and engaging for the learners.

We help them to learn the subject in a virtual environment by using different strategies like Show me how, Let me try, where the learners can watch the steps involved in the activity and imitate the process by online support and guidance and the finally do the assessments on their own. To make it more lively we use different characters and Avatars to entertain the learners and keep them engaged throughout the session.

We also use those Bite-size videos which work as a quick referential material for the learners and help them to understand the concept and content in more fruitful manner. It can also be leverage by developing real life situations or scenarios in a form of short story to engross the learners. Testing their knowledge by creating some challenges and questions which he actually faces in his real job profile gives him a familiarity with the situation so that it impacts to his memory for a longer period of time as he going to experience it every day and increases the learning effectiveness.

All these things can actually help your training ship to bring it back to the seashores of the corporate world and can save you from sinking.

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