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Do you have these in your e learning library?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

When we look at our surrounding we found that we are moving at a very fast pace and we don’t want to spend more time for anything. We are always looking for something quick, whether we talk about our breakfast, running lunch or even in Learning and Training..

Every learner, specifically Modern learner wants things on 1 click. Therefore industry has researched and came up with a solution for this target audience.

They started developing short Video based learning, Bite-sized learning, Microlearning, learning nuggets, Mobisodes and more. The objective of developing these solutions was to provide learning spontaneously and creating the Library of these resources.

But do we actually follow some important notes prior to creating the E-learning shelf of Library in our training room? Most of the organisations missed out this because either they are googling and gather only the information for which they got info but nothing as such researched or planned, otherwise they just share what they want to the vendor and vendor develops it for them but did we actually identified the gaps between actual and desired state of our e-learning library. Therefore we should have always an organized, categorized and suitable e-learning library.


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends. Online learners can quickly view the infographic in order to refresh their memory or improve comprehension.

Videos based Learning:

Recently, Video based training has got a lot of popularity in the e-learning industry as it has become very useful to capture Learner’s attention, It works as a quick referential material to learn about the topic. It is always short, crisp, engaging and elucidating which attracts the learners a lot and save their time. Videos in general easily supply to the visual and auditory learning styles almost flawlessly and concurrently and offer an exceptional combination to engage the two major senses of the learners, visual and auditory.

Simulations based Learning:

Just like the real thing. The realistic scenarios and equipment allow for retraining and practice till one can master the procedure or skill. Therefore we should always have SBL in our elearning library. As we know we can't train everyone on different products, operations, machines due to heavy budgets in travelling to on-site location, or safety factor specifically in Oil & Gas, Nuclear industry, and other reasons, so we have always an option to create something which can provide our learners to experience the real world with the help of simulations.

It will also allow learners to test their knowledge by applying what they have learned and can identify areas for improvement.We can call them a Task-based simulation, for example, Training drivers for safe drive, training call center operations to take calls or how to behave with the customer on the phone and many other examples. We should always have these things in our e-learning Library.

Game-based Learning:

Game-based learning describes an approach to teaching, where learners explore the relevant aspect of games in a learning context has been designed. Instructor and learners collaborate in order to add depth and perspective to the experience of playing the game.

Good game-based learning applications can draw us into virtual environments that look and feel familiar and relevant. Participants must complete the task or display their mastery in order to progress through the game.

Within an effective game-based learning environment, we work toward a goal, choosing actions and experiencing the consequences of those actions along the way. We make mistakes in a risk-free setting, and through experimentation, we actively gain knowledge of and perform the right way to do things.

Focused Podcast:

It is also an important asset to the e-learning library. Learners who are nomadic in nature and find on the go training is an ideal situation for them. It allows them to download the e-learning content and listen to it whenever it is most convenient. It helps learners to be focused along with the topic, idea, task and help it to take it to the micro level.

In conclusion, above-mentioned activities should always available in our E-learning Library so that we can engage and encourage our online learners. it will always help them easy to digest and recall.

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