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“ADAPTIVE MICROLEARNING” New buzz word in E-learning industry.

Our Learning industry is transforming at a very fast pace. Every next day experts are trying to bring something unique and interesting to solve the business challenges/ learner challenges. Adaptive Microlearning is a new buzz word in the industry.

Now we need to understand how Adaptive Microlearning is different from Microlearning or similar. The primary idea behind microlearning is saving time for busy workers. The idea is that overworked employees don’t want to spend hours in classrooms, which is true. Microlearning’s solution is to give people lessons in the same way they already consume entertainment: in bite-sized media, right off their devices, so they can learn on the go, from anywhere.

Adaptive microlearning focusses on the exclusivity of each employee. In every aspect of society, from social media to music to video content, individuals and consumers respond positively to a platform that gives them choice. Microlearning is more than offering your learners small chunks of content. The micro part is just one tiny piece of the story, but it sometimes steals the headlines. For microlearning to be effective in business, it must also adapt continuously to what individual employees know or don’t know and fill the knowledge gaps of an individual. It must work with human nature, not against it, to help people retain and apply knowledge. This type of microlearning uses the latest technology to fill employee knowledge gaps and target specific business challenges. It’s called adaptive microlearning. 

Adaptive microlearning actually works on cognitive principles that show how small chunks of digestible learning, consumed continuously at regular intervals, help knowledge to ‘stick’.The learning is 100% aligned to a pre-defined performance or business goal, uses engaging tools such as quizzes and gamification, and is accessed via whichever device people prefer.

At the content design stage, the content is personalised for each individual, based on their specific environments such as their place, department, role, responsibilities and information levels. It starts with a baseline test so that progress can be recorded. This personalisation ensures the learning is pertinent.

Adaptive microlearning is smarter still, adding a further coating of intelligence that takes the learning up to another level. An adaptive microlearning platform, it captures data and algorithms to measure progress and identify knowledge gaps. This provides managers with the critical information they required to mentor and coach their team members around precise areas and subjects where they are struggling most to maximise their development time together.

Therefore, if knowledge gaps are identified, additional content is distributed until those gaps are filled. It means each learner has their individual learning journey and they only get the focussed information what they need to learn. The point is, they all get there in the end. Basic reasons of using adaptive microlearning are all because They want relevant training to every individual; busy employees need the learning to be non-disruptive and very handy and because of their belief that learning should tangibly impact their learner’s performance and business outcomes.

In conclusion, we can say that adaptive microlearning is fitment with the business challenges and because of engaging tools it drives learner participation. It delivers learning is such a way it can be absorbed, applied on-demand and enhance knowledge retention because it deals

only with learning that is relevant to each individual.

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