Exceeding Your Expectations


Our Custom content development / Bespoke Development services are a one-stop shop for all your digital learning needs. With the help of our learning experts having huge experience in the Learning domain catering different sizes & different needs of the organizations,  we start with a Q&A to identify the gaps between the actual state & desired state and then define a learning strategy to deliver it. We believe that one learning approach does not fit every organization culture or match every corporate objective.


We involve your subject matter expertise and receive the terminal objectives. Thereafter we involve our Instructional design expertise, graphic & media experts to make your training more interactive and engaging for your learners. We use your preferred tools to build it like Articulate Presenter, Articulate Storyline, Articulate 360, Lectora Inspire, Captivate, Camtasia, ADAPT, Custom HTML5 and more. Our team offers a wide range of content development offerings that include ILT, WBT, Job Aids, Content Modernization/conversion, Content Localization, Custom Video Learning Content Creation,



Global organizations require learning content to supply to the diverse needs of learners spread across the world. A large audience without any major changes can consume these courses. SAGITA LEARNING Learning provides Content Localization & translation services to create e-content as per native languages, Cultures and synchronize to their region. We can transform or convert content in multiple formats as per the learners need. It can be a script, video, voiceovers, audio, Flash conversion, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, Word, or any other formats. We have the capability to convert content into more than 65 languages including all European languages like German, French, Spanish, Finnish, and Swedish, Portuguese or Latin American and Asian bi character languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more.


Organisations are dealing with the challenge of repurposing large volumes of traditional Training materials or courses into newer formats. Substantial factors, which are driving this change:

  • Technology Progression,

  • Content variations,

  • Design fluctuations,

  • Demand for mobile compatibility,

  • Learner Demographics,

  • Business Characteristics

  • Updates in processes & compliance


Sagita Learning brings to you the significant expertise to steer this change. We help you in identifying different ways to repurpose content across various learning programs. Content modernization helps you to increase your ROI and enhances learner engagement by reforming the look and feel of courses to match the changes in learner demographics.


Our Instructor-led training is having a high level of commitment, attention, motivation, interactions, and feedbacks. It creates a separate trademark to our instructor-led training solutions. Instructor-Led Training becomes the ideal choice when a greater degree of human intervention and collaboration is required like face-to-face questions and discussions; Team-based activities, individual evaluation, etc.

We design ILT solutions that are effective and affect performance. Our team works with you to understand your requirements, your learner's taste & preferences along with the expected outcomes.

Our instructor-led training includes presentation decks, Classroom sessions, Instructor / Facilitator guides, Student / Learner guides, Job aids, Skill brief, Learning exercises, meaningful feedback to ensure a high level of knowledge retention. We also prioritize the post-training support kit for your learner’s for learning reinforcement. We always focus on different methods to support your Instructors or Trainers to deliver wonderful ILT sessions.


We cannot question that mobile devices are transforming corporate learning persistently. However, this does not mean face-to-face or formal eLearning courses are going away, it just means the constant demand for mobile learning and ease of access is motivating the companies to rethink their learning training strategies and building new programs or modernize existing content exclusively for mobile devices.


Mobile based learning is the modern offering in technology-enabled learning. Research says 80 % people use smartphones whereas 57 % of people have more than one digital communication device. It is showing how easily learners are affording these smartphones or handheld devices along with faster internet accessibility.


With the innovation of HTML5 kind, newer technologies have given a choice for an organization to support the emerging need for mobile compatible content. For the new age millennials, mobile learning is becoming a necessity. They generally unlock their smartphones 9 times in an hour; it shows their dependency on these handheld devices.


At SAGITA Learning we have been developing very innovative and interactive mobile learning solutions to solve our clients business challenges. We have been constantly getting the requirement to convert their traditional Flash-based work to HTML5 to make it device agnostic. We always thought for innovative concepts and design intelligence before implementing any Just in Time or Bite Size learning solutions.


A single drop of information is better than a bucketful


Microlearning is a flexible learning approach, which consists of short, focused modules and covers a single, clear, performance-based learning objective. Microlearning nuggets are short capsules of information, which aligned with the Learning and performance strategy of the organization to achieve the desired organizational results,


Micro-learning filter the information and target explicit information to use the learners time efficiently in the form of Infographics, Animations, E-books, Games, GIF’s, M-learning, Mobile Learning, Videos, Interactive resources or more.

SAGITA Learning design custom-built, engaging, fully functional learning content, which includes videos, infographics, audio clips, interactivities, quizzes; all packaged as independent micro learning nuggets. We focus on the design of content in the microlearning format; ensuring learning is engaging and effective. This includes content chunking and aligning, to synchronize content to nuggets, outlining nugget categories, sequencing and learning engagement. We design various packaging options to ensure smooth delivery for a variety of platforms.


Organizations are constantly doing research & development to identify several ways to engage their learners. They face a lot of challenges in traditional learning like shorter retention span; research says that learner retains only 5% of the information delivered through traditional training. Technology has given us the liberty to mold our learning to solve our business challenges by using different concepts like simulations in a game or game-based learning. As the name suggests, it is learning based on the first-hand, realistic and experiential nature of a game, it enhances the full involvement from the learner and creates learner interest to complete the entire training or learning series.



SAGITA Learning game-based solutions have continued supporting its clients to achieve success in transforming eLearning into gamified experiences. SAGITA learning creates a virtual environment that recreates realistic situations (simulations). These way learners learn to function in a safe context, but with rules, interactivity, and feedback. SAGITA Learning has used several themes to build these games like Jeopardy, Pyramid, Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal. Our game-based solutions help our clients with higher factual knowledge, skill-based knowledge and higher knowledge retention along with high completion rates.


The demand for video-based learning has increased in recent time. It is all due to its ease of access and connects with the learner. In the training industry, Organisation uses video as both auditory and visual cues to learners. They treat visual cues as the primary source of information whereas audio consumed as to elaborate information.


(Forrester) research says that 75% of employees preferred to watch a video than open an email or read from the books. More than 74% of companies use video as an effective medium to train their employees. As it helps them to reduce the training cost and videos has given better results to explain difficult topics or subjects.


Sagita Learning always recommends that video should not be more than 120 seconds. We always ensure that video should have limited content so that it can easily digest by the learners. Learning effectiveness of video always depends on the length of learning chunks. Sagita Learning has a vast experience in creating custom videos which equally compatible with all kind of devices. We always analyze your training need, identify the gaps between actual state & desire state, and ensure that video content is aligned to the organization business objectives.


SAGITA Learning has created several corporate business simulations for a number of capricious functions- like Sales based simulations, Application-based simulations, Software simulations different business process or medical procedure based simulations to train varied learners.


We ensure that our simulations provide ample practice cases to our learners to allow them to try out different skills and learner make mistakes and learn from them. We help our learners by providing guided feedback on their mistakes and consequences.


SAGITA learning has consistently built a lot of simulations provide risk reduction by providing the learners with a platform for practice those reality-based scenarios and situations in a cost-effective solution. We use high rich media elements to enhance the GUI of the course and create a strong visual impact to provide a vibrant learning environment.